The Faith Based Collaborative Outreach Group, fondly known as The Collaborative  is a consortium of community partners and advocates, local and state government agencies, grassroots and faith organizations, business leaders, and many others whom serve  in a spirit of "UNITY" to provide "A Holistic Approach to Education" and Community". These entities  serve cohesively together to bridge the gap of limited service access by providing intrinsic community programs which provide accessible emergent, and crisis service through several community programs for students, their families, and the community.  This consortium works to alleviate hunger, promote health and well-being of students, families, and individuals to produce a byproduct of community stabilization and revitalization for all.

​Our History 

The Community Partners Food Pantry, was established in 2010. This  demonstrative current model of a "Community Hub" speaks to the need of  partnership with local schools, community-based organizations, state and local agencies, business, grassroots and faith organizations, and public officials whom can cohesively collaborate to reach out and together, meet the needs of those in our communities.


With its launch in November 2010  hosting “A day of Empowerment,” with community partners, and many "Warm Hearts and Hands of Service" to empower those in New Carrollton and its surrounding communities, served in one day an estimated total of 700 hundred families; addressing demonstrated needs of students, their families, and the community.  This “Community Hub” model promotes bridging the gap between the service divide for all with emergent, and crisis needs by providing accessible services, and extensive enrichment programs and after school programs through its community programs.  These programs, and its leadership teams strive to meet the diverse needs of the population it serves in a central, strategic location, to achieve the best possible outcomes for every student, their family, and those in the community.



Our Mission 


To provide every student with conditions which will support their academic and personal success through "A Holistic Approach to Education".


Our Strategy


At The Collaborative, we believe that family is our community’s most precious commodity. We partner with area schools, and other grassroots organizations to transform them into "Community Hubs" to provide service aides such as housing, employment, healthcare aides and supports, social services supports, and extensive after-school programs for both students and parents alike. These full-service "hubs" become a central point of access to support students, their families, and the neighbors of the community providing valuable resources to support, and aid them  in their daily living, as well as enable them to reach their purposed potential and have success. Through community partnerships between schools, businesses, non-profits, and government agencies, it is our desire to empower communities and restore HOPE one family at a time. ​


            Our Impact


Since our inception, The Collaborative has impacted many lives. Many needs were met through accessible services, and access to nutritious food and produce. Our programs have served many students, their families, and the community through its school partnerships with Charles Carroll Middle School, Carrollton Elementary School and several grassroots and faith organizations. This year we established a partnership with Suitland High School. We are excited about this partnership and we look forward to having an even greater impact on the Suitland community.